Hello everyone, thank you for spending your time on reading my article. In this article I will explain you all the steps that I followed in finding the bug till reporting that. Without any due, let’s dive into story.


Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a…

Hello everyone. Here is one more write-up on Inclusion Machine. It is a easier one and very beginner friendly. It is easier than previous one, no need to do directory brute forcing, no need to crack any hashes. Everything in this machine is crystal clear. Let’s dive into the topic.


Hello everyone. This machine is very beginner friendly, which stengthens your basics. Concepts learnt here are:

  1. Directory Brute Forcing
  2. File extension filter bypass
  3. Reverse shell
  4. Privilege escalation ( Becoming root)

Enumeration : Port Scanning

First, let’s scan the IP and find out which ports are open. We can use a simple command which used…

Hello Everyone. This is my first article. In this article I am showing you how to exploit a machine in Beginner path in TryHackMe. Concepts covered in this article:

  1. Directory Brute Force
  2. Password Brute forcing
  3. Gaining access to SSH server.


Let’s scan the IP for open ports. Use the following…

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